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Diploma in Psycholinguistics

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COURSE MODULES Module 01 Introduction of language and psycholinguistics Basic concepts in psycholinguistics Animal Communication Evolution of Language Language and Thought Module 02 Language development in infants and young children Do children The first few steps in Language Acquisition Segmenting the Speech Stream Acquiring morphological and syntactic knowledge Module 03 Speech Production and Comprehension 3 kinds of mental operations Levelt's Theory of Speech Production Morphological encoding lexeme Syllabification Speech errors and unconscious mind Semantic substitution Tip of the Tongue phenomenon Picture naming studies Module 04 Words and Sentence Processing Understanding word meaning Lexical access Ambiguity and Representation of meaning in brain Sentence parsing Models of parsing Garden Path theory Analysis of statements Structural choices and prosody Visual world paradigm Module 05 Reading and Language Acquisition Theories of Reading Cognitive processes in reading Recognizing visual words Dyslexia Module 06 The Neural Basis of Language Neural basis of word meaning Neural basis of language comprehension Language production Aphasia Module 07 Phonemes and Morphemes Morphophonemic rules Allomorphs Word formation The vowel play Module 08 Bilingualism Theories of translating and interpreting Cognate Internal homographs The departing and arriving language Picture-word inference Bilingual Interactive Activation Model Module 09 Texts and Discourse Text pragmatics Types and genre of discourse Historical perspective Socio-Cognitive approach Module 10 Speech perception Theories of Speech Perception Peripheral and Central Mechanisms Variability in speech Auditory ability and speech perception Module 11 Voice Disorders and Treatment Vocal Fold Hemorrhage Vocal fold scar Laryngotracheal trauma The effect of posture on voice Vocal Cord Paralysis Voice therapy techniques Module 12 The psycholinguistic approach Formulaic language Putting it all tog

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Diploma in Psycholinguistics

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