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Visit Panchama for a range of professional services that include foreign language training, psychological counseling, image consultancy, and corporate services. Our dedicated team of experienced professionals will work closely with you to understand your needs and help you achieve your goals.

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Don't struggle with life's challenges alone. Our Psychological Counseling Services and Training provide support for individuals, couples, and groups. From pre-marital counseling to career counseling, we offer a range of services that cater to all your needs. We also offer analysis services such as signature analysis and handwriting analysis. All of our services are provided by an experienced and empathetic team of professionals. Our core services are to Life Coaching, Couple counseling, Individual and Group Counseling, Pre-marital counseling, Signature Analysis, Handwriting Analysis, Manifestation with the Law of Attraction, Career Counseling, LGBTQ Counseling, Chakra Healing through Mandala, Therapy Eclectic therapeutic modalities, Dream Interpretation and Therapy Research papers Statement Analysis and Forensic Psychology and Psychometric Testing.

Psychological Counseling Services and Training


Archana Shreedharan

I have no words to talk about how the session was, but u made it very interesting, and I was very excited to learn something new from u to u were the best mentor and friendly person I have seen thank u so much Pavitra madam.

Naisha Shrivastava

It was a great experience learning French with you. You are a great teacher. The way you interact in the online class is amazing. I was very comfortable with you. Learning french is not that easy but you made it very interesting. 



I got a lot of insight into life coaching and how it benefits people. Also, the activities and examples provided by you to explain the concept greatly benefited me in gaining a better understanding. Overall had a fantastic experience

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