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Ms. Pavitra Somaiya - Founder | Panchama

Panchama- By Pavitra Somaiya is a learning institute founded by Ms. Pavitra Somaiya in the year 2023. She is a counselor and family therapist, career analyst, foreign language expert, and an image consultant and trainer by profession, where we provide high-quality services and certified training programs to students, professionals, and corporates in online and offline modes.


All Our Sessions are available
in Private or in a Group


Foreign Language Trainings

At Panchama, I believe that learning a new language should be an enjoyable experience. Our courses are designed to make language learning fun and engaging for students by incorporating culturally-relevant activities and interactive learning tools. I offer a supportive environment where students can learn without fear of making mistakes and develop confidence in their speaking ability right from the start.

Psychological Counseling Services and Training

At Panchama, I offer my clients a safe and non-judgmental environment where they can discuss their feelings and thoughts freely without fear of reprisal. I have a broad range of expertise and experience in Psychological Counseling, helping you to rebuild your confidence and achieve positive mental health. Let me help you take the first step towards a happier and healthier life by scheduling an appointment today.

Image Consultancy

At Panchama, I believe that your personal brand is a reflection of your true self. That's why I offer a range of services to help individuals enhance their appearance, behavior, and communication skills. From personal shopping to wardrobe analysis, I am here to help you create a personal brand that speaks to your unique style and personality. Let's work together to build a professional image that is both authentic and memorable.

Corporate Services for Employees

My mission is to empower employees to live their best lives both inside and outside the workplace. My corporate services include stress management, health and wellness, time management, and soft skill training, with an emphasis on etiquette and work-life balance. My training programs will give your employees the confidence to communicate effectively and assertively in their professional and personal lives leading to better work performance.


Clients Recommend

Archana Shreedharan

I have no words to talk about how the session was, but u made it very interesting, and I was very excited to learn something new from u to u were the best mentor and friendly person I have seen thank u so much Pavitra madam.


The manner of teaching of Pavitra mam is wonderful and refreshing. You are patient and supportive, very clear and concise. Highly recommend. The session was interesting, and the resource person was good.

Naisha Shrivastava

It was a great experience learning French with Pavitra. You are a great teacher. The way you interact in the online class is amazing. Learning a new language is not that easy but you made it very interesting and fun.

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