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Diploma In Marital Family Therapy & Legal Counseling

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Join this program to learn more about 01. What is Family Therapy? 02. Models of Family Therapy 03. Structure of sessions 04. Principles of family approach 05. Establishing Neutrality 06. Life cycle stages. 07. Three generational genograms 08. Circular Questioning 09. Family Assessment 10. Understanding Parts of System 11. Marital Issues and Discords 12. Techniques of Intervention 13. Marital Therapy 14. Models of Couple Therapy 15. Gottman's model 16. Merging Systems Theory and Attachment Theory 17. Behavioral Family Therapy 18. Divorce and Mediation 19. Legal Counseling 20. Marriage and Family Law 21. Conditions of a valid marriage 22. Special Marriage act, 1954 23. Restitution of Conjugal Rights 24. General grounds for divorce 25. Judicial separation 26. Testamentary Succession 27. Intestate Succession 28. Maintenance of Children 29. Law of Adoption 30. Law of Minority and Guardianship 31. Types of Divorce 32. Procedure in Family Court 33. Stages of Divorce and Associated Therapy 34. Extra-Marital Involvement 35. Developmental Issues for Adolescents 36. Contracting for Assessment and Treatments 37. Family Therapy and other models with Aging Families 38. 20 + Case Illustrations Bonus: Systemic Family Therapy Manual and Hard Copy of Certificate

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Marital Family Therapy & Legal Counseling

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