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Image Management and Neuro-Linguistic Programming

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Do you know that 90% of our communication takes place Appearance, Behavior and Non- Verbal communication? Join this course to learn about ▪Introduction to NLP and Image Management ▪Body Shape Analysis ▪Wardrobe Management ▪Psychology of Colour ▪Colour Analysis Procedure ▪Personal style Assessment ▪Representational Systems and Sub-Modalities of NLP ▪NLP Communication model of Meta and Milton ▪Sender-Receiver Dynamics ▪Creating and Collapsing Anchors ▪Designing Strategies ▪NLP Model in Communication ▪Setting Up Your Own Business Bonus Takeaways ▪Study Materials ▪Image Management Guide for your client ▪Certificate Enroll yourself in this Masterclass and Start Earning for yourself!

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Image Management and Neuro-Linguistic Programming

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