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Diploma In Sleep Counselling And Dream Analysis

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Course Modules Module: 01 Introduction to Sleep and Sleep counseling ▪Sleep, health and overlooked correlation between two ▪How sleep improves performance ▪Why sleep Coaching? Making an impact and getting results ▪The 5 pillars Module: 02 Anatomy and Physiology of Sleep ▪The 3 mechanisms for and against sleep ▪Neurology of sleep and its interplay ▪Quality vs Quantity (What defines healthy sleep?) ▪Stages of sleep and dreams ▪The antagonist to sleep Module: 03 Assessment and Screening ▪Sleep disorders vs disordered sleeping ▪Red flags and medical history ▪How to assess your client's baseline ▪Sleep Assessment Process Module: 04 The impact of circadian biology and application ▪Circadian biology, anatomy and physiology ▪The five circadian levers ▪Chronotypes and genetics ▪Synchronization strategies Module: 05 Recovery and Regeneration ▪Active recovery strategies ▪Behavior and lifestyle change ▪Sleep hygiene ▪Analyzing sleep patterns ▪Jet lack and seasonal depression Module: 06 The complete guide to dream analysis ▪Types of dreams ▪Process of dream interpretation ▪Dream symbols and its significance ▪Theories of dream analysis ▪Nightmares and disturbing dreams Module: 07 Positioning in the market and Personal Branding ▪How to implement sleep counseling in your practice ▪Marketing categories and personal branding tactics ▪Putting it all together

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Diploma In Sleep Counselling And Dream Analysis

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